May 1, 2021 – May 28, 2021.
Leading college: by Skjetlein Videregaende Skole in Norway
Total study load: 4 study hours in class plus an additional 4 study hours for filming and editing of the video outside of school hours.

Summary of the assignment:

  • The student identifies and explains the content and meaning of the five freedoms.
  • The student evaluates how dairy cows in loose housing meet the requirements / goals of the five freedoms.
  • The student examines and evaluates the cow's natural behavior to assess the welfare of a herd
  • The student appraises preventative health work on dairycows by identifying symptoms of discomfort and injuries in dairy cows and consider different measures to increase the welfare
  • The student shows commitment, responsibility, cooperation and proactivity to complete the task

This Virtual Assignment is open for all EQF 3 and 4 students.

Click here for the overview of the content of Virtual Assignment 3

International Learning Unit 3 will be held in Trondheim, Norway at Skjetlein Videregaende Skole.

Students will follow the learning unit partially at the college in Trondheim together with the local students and partially at local companies where the assignments and research can be done.

Dates of International Learning Unit 3
November 1, 2021 - November 11, 2021.
Total study load: 14 days, each week containing 3 days in school and 2 days at local organisations. Weekend will be used for cultural activities.

Summary of content of International Learning Unit 3:

  • you will learn about animals behavior in herds and the effect loose housing has on the animals.
  • You will do research in companies and work with the owners to identify possible problems and make suggestions on improvements.
  • You will research differences between the rules and regulations in your own country and in the host country.
  • All results will be presented at the end of the unit for teachers, students and local organisations. Feedback will be given in order to finalize the project with a report on animal health and welfare.
  • The student shows commitment, responsibility, cooperation and proactivity to complete the task

The application for this International Learning Unit is open for all EQF 3 and 4 students who

  • have participated in Virtual Assignment 3
  • have basic knowledge of Livestock/Dairycows
  • are fit to travel
  • allow use of film- and photo material
  • Filled out the selection document which is available on this site.

After receiving the applications, the selection will be done by the hosting VET college.

The students who are placed after selection will be notified by their contact person at their college.

Click here for the overview of International Learning Unit 3 
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/Images/Amoove 21/Learning-unit-Livestock-Dairy-Animal-welfare-assignment.pdf

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